Support and services for interested stakeholders

Target groups are cities, municipalities and communities, energy providers, possible investors, technology providers in the fields of energy, mobility, construction, information and communication systems, associations, public authorities and individuals.

  • General information on the topic of Smart City in Switzerland
  • Meetings and conferences with selected speakers and presentations of on-going national and international projects
  • Information on corrent scientific research and potential secondary research in this field
  • Information on lessons learned and on-going projecs
  • Network of national as well as international partners
  • Assistance on project developments

Support for Smart City stakeholders

The public and trade associations are unaware of many good pilot and demonstration projects. The Federal Office of Energy supports Smart City projects with two different programs, the pilot and demonstration program on the one hand, and the energy-lighthouse program on the other.
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The vision is for the groundbreaking realization of Smart Cities or Smart Urban Regions, i.e. a city section, a development or an urban region in Switzerland that is set on the path to becoming a zero-emission city or urban region thanks to the deployment of intelligent green technologies and where sustainability is more than just a word. The projects’ spheres of activity are energy efficiency, grids/transmissions, storage, power production from renewable resources, and socio-economic and legal aspects. Smart City-projects are characterized by a high level of interdisciplinarity and often evolve at the interface between individual spheres of activity. Another significant aspect of the projects is comprehensive communication of the results, because a broad swath of the population must be made aware of the achievements.

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When starting a Smart City project …

Checklist containing some questions that are relevant to answer before starting a project.